Tuesday, November 29, 2011

|Thierry Mugler sketches|

As many of you know I collect vintage fashion illustrations, magazines, sketches, photos etc.
The core part of my collection (and my enormous pride) is a huge album of exclusive Thierry Mugler sketches of his collections made since 1982 to 1993. 
I bought this fashion sketchbook (sketch album) in Nice flea market this summer. The price was really high, but I used all my langue francais to have a discount from the seller.
That's why I have a pleasure to share these fascinating Mugler's illustrations with you.
« L’hiver des secrétaires » (Automne/hiver 1982-83) 
Click-click-click to discover the treasure of Thierry Mugler...


 Watch this video and find outfits from the scketches (Thierry Mugler)

« L’hiver des Anges»  (Automne/Hiver 1984-85)

Watch the show of Autumn/winter collection 1984/85 (Thierry Mugler, YSL)

« L’Eté du Sahara » (Printemps/été 1986)
 (Iman, Harper’s Bazaar, 1986
Dress by Thierry Mugler)

Thierry Mugler Show ~ A/W 1986
Video from Automne/hiver 1986/87 (Claude Montana, Thierry Mugler, Azzedine Allaia)

Thierry Mugler Show ~ A/W 1989

Naomi,  1990

 Video of Nadia in golden outfit:

Eva Herzigova, Thierry Mugler Spring 1992
Video of the show:

A fashion model wears a women's ready-to-wear futuristic, black mini halterdress by German fashion designer Thierry Mugler at his Spring-Summer 1992 fashion show in Paris.
A fashion model wears a women's ready-to-wear glittery red cowgirl outfit with chaps and a cowboy hat by German fashion designer Thierry Mugler at his Spring-Summer 1992 fashion show in Paris.

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Sourse: youtube,  http://www.mugler.com/, http://thierrymugler.tumblr.com/, http://www.topmodelsoftheworld.com, http://www.lesartsdecoratifs.fr


  1. PLEASE post more!!! Mugler had THE BEST fashion sketches and I would love to see more! Thank You! ^_^

  2. I have most of these sketches, do you know if they are worth anything?

  3. I have also come across a sketch book similar to this with 15 pages included, I was wondering what price range you were able to come by. If you could please email me BusyBee810@yahoo.com Xoxo!

  4. i too have a sketch book like this, won in a competition several years ago. I would like to know if they are worth anything, they are really charming.

  5. Hi,
    Is it a compilation book of several collections made by the Thierry Mugler company for fashion press? I was his head fashion designer from 1980 to 1992; Please email me at dominiquebarsacq@aol.com